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What a great guy! Lived and died in a dignified way (especially considering what a great artist he was. If he'd only hung on another 10 years or so, he might have got the nobel peace prize too…

he wrote this:

I heard of a man who says words so beautifully
That if he only speaks their name
Women give themselves to him

If I am dumb beside your body
While silence blossoms like tumours on our lips
It is because I hear a man climb stairs
And clear his throat outside the door


I had a dream….forgotten it now….

Previous sayings of a slightly less old and certainly less wise fool:

A life on the ocean wave is never so pleasant as when there aren't any

A stitch in time prevents dangerous anomalies

An older person should avoid modestly prefacing their pronouncements with "I'm only an old fool…". Younger persons will be happy to believe it, partly out of courtesy. *

A dangerous anomaly makes it difficult to think about sewing.

Interview published in german music blog, AMuBlo