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nice to wake up to…


i really have found that lockdown had a calming effect. This is me learning to meditate while sitting on a drawing pin.

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By Yuka

This is in the days when we could only manage two full-on wigs between the whole band. That day it was the turn of Wask and myself. That's why Baz is looking a bit glum. You might notice a certain similarity between the two pieces. That's because we clipped them both from the same shaggy dog over a period of six months, before it started running away whenever we showed up. That's why we could only manage two. We wanted them to match. They kept your neck warm, but used to stink when it rained.

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Sasha demonstrating how to disable an opponent by just turning up Kudillis 075 copy

How to play a chord on one string!!

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Photo by Peter Machule

And that's genuine mileage….

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You have to start somewhere….
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just don't end up like this!
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