Oh to have been a student in the 70's!





Hello my dears! It's that time of the year again…well it always is, isn't it? Still, everything reasonably pleasant up till now. I hope some of us are being propelled into new adventures with autumn's onset. Often a time of new direction. Equally I hope that the end of the year won't hurry along too much. We can wait a bit longer.

What's new? I have some new instrumentals written, which I hope you will hear at some point. It's just a question of through which media.

Hope you like my first painting for about 55 years on the photos page. It was worth waiting for, no?


…..see if i can get up….

NOV 20

Wishing everyone a safe and productive lockdown. Entirely possible to get something out of it. A speedy recovery to those pulled up short. Otherwise, a smooth transition and God speed. Further on up the road…

Oct 20

Today's pic is called "room with a view". i don't know why, it just came into my head. Had an unusual but enjoyable summer working around the virus thing. Very glad to have been able to do so. Sadly, Hans Dornbusch passed away during the early part of it, and was laid to rest in a very fitting manner. I will remember him with gratitude more than anything else, and wish him "God Speed".

Sep 2020

Well, soon be Christmas! I'm knitting a face mask i designed with a special hole at the front for eating. Think i might have spotted a gap in the market!

Jul 2020

Another month gone by. Hope you have all remained well. It's a cats and dogs day. Well, every dog….I now have four masks including the plastic one i have to sing behind, and one of the cloth ones is wearing out. I suppose this means i'm going to have to buy another one. There was a lady in the lobby yesterday evening whose mask and skirt were apparently of the same material. I wanted to know which came first, but she didn't let on.

Jun 2020

How nice! Looks like the summer season will go ahead. Wed 17th June is due to be an instrumental beginning, performed from within a suit of armour. i hope the chain-mail gloves will improve my playing….I also hope that you have remained in good health despite the risks of recent times. See you soon!

Feb 2019

So, here I am, not in the middle of the Atlantic, but in the middle of the Midlands, in the middle country on the (most) maps. I'm not watching the sea undulating like a sheet being shaken out, but I am pegging stuff to the washing line now and then. If only it wouldn't rain every time I did that. No, that's not true. My glass is half full. think I'll drink half of what's left and go and get a Cornish half!

Dec 18 Update

So, here I am in the middle of the Atlantic. It's all plain sailing here, although further north there are severe storms with ten feet of swell, apparently. I don't feel I'm missing anything by not being there for that, at least nothing I mind about. The days are warm. One can sit on deck for meals and watch the sea undulating like a sheet being shaken out before it is pegged to the washing line….I know how it feels….

March 2018 update

Since the last update I have been cruising around Holland, Belgium, Germany and Norway on the Back Watch; a lovely boat and crew. On the way back I had lunch with old friends of my Bergen days. They have hardly changed! Norway is a cosy country, even when outside is permanently cold and dark, the people are anything but!

Now there are blossoms on the trees outside of my window in London. That means something, doesn't it?

Good to see Ken Clarke on Question Time keeping Mr Farage a bit quieter than usual!

Pete Bayliss, old colleague from way back has passed on. God speed!

Please note that any further dates at The Harp, Charlottenburg, are cancelled

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What a great guy! Lived and died in a dignified way (especially considering what a great artist he was. If he'd only hung on another 10 years or so, he might have got the nobel peace prize too… (that was on the death of Leonard Cohen)

he wrote this:

I heard of a man who says words so beautifully
That if he only speaks their name
Women give themselves to him

If I am dumb beside your body
While silence blossoms like tumours on our lips
It is because I hear a man climb stairs
And clear his throat outside the door


I had a dream….forgotten it now….

Previous sayings of a slightly less old and certainly less wise fool:

A life on the ocean wave is never so pleasant as when there aren't any

A stitch in time prevents dangerous anomalies

An older person should avoid modestly prefacing their pronouncements with "I'm only an old fool…". Younger persons will be happy to believe it, partly out of courtesy. *

A dangerous anomaly makes it difficult to think about sewing.

Interview published in german music blog, AMuBlo